Flexible starting hours


You can start the trail at any of the service and refreshment stations or at the starting point (by Sokos Hotel Koli) on Saturday and Sunday between 8.00 and 12.00.
The service and refreshment stations will be closed and the ski trail checked at 16.00.

Start, service and refreshment stations


There will be start, service and refreshment stations at Ahmovaara school, Kopravaara Future Freetime center, Jero intersection, Sokos Hotel Koli (start only), Kolikeskus and Räsävaara.

You can choose the length of your ski trails depending on you skills and wills, between 10-50 km and a 5 km loop at Kolikeskus.



(included in the
registration fee)

Juice Sports
Bouillon Raisins Oranges Coffee and
doughnut or
rye bread
Ahmovaara X X X X   X X  
Korpravaara X X X X       X
Jero X X X X     X  
Hotelli Koli               X
Kolikeskus X X X X   X    
Räisävaara X X X X X      


Additionally for sale at the service stations: pastries, sandwiches, coffee, sausages, chocolate, ski caps, socks and badges. At service and refreshment stations you can relax and refresh as well as enjoy the good service. You will be assisted in ski maintenance. After skiing you might want to enjoy sauna and even dip into the lake.


Registration fees include:
- Assistance in ski waxing
- Refreshments as mentioned in the table above
- Insurance during the skiing, a participation diploma and stickers to the skis
- A free lottery ticket (the stub of your participation card!)